Committed to the production of dispersant series products
                      Anyang Longquan Chemical Co., Ltd. is located at the junction of the four provinces of Shanxi, Hebei
                      Manufacturer, strong production strength, product quality assurance, perfect after-sales service

                      Longquan Chemical——Strong manufacturer, quality assurance, rest assured to use our products

                      guarantee the quality and use our products at ease

                      • Factory direct sales, high cost performance

                        Focus on R & D and production of dispersants, with many years of R & D technical experience and expert team support, can be customized according to customer samples

                      • Complete variety, multi-field application

                        A complete range of chemical additives and applications in multiple fields

                      • Customized samples, strong productivity

                        Guarantee quality, no dilution, high purity; factory direct sales, cost-effective, quality assurance!

                      • Rigorous processing, quality assurance

                        Using high-quality raw materials; from material selection, processing to assembly, the processing links are strictly controlled, and the company has passed ISO9001 quality certification

                      From material selection, processing to assembly,
                      Strict management and control of processing links
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