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                      Basic mechanism of dispersant

                      Updated: 2020-10-19

                      1. Adsorbed on the surface of solid particles, so that the surface of the agglomerated solid particles is easy to wet.

                      2. The polymer-based dispersant forms an adsorption layer on the surface of the solid particles, which increases the charge on the surface of the solid particles and improves the reaction force between the particles that form a three-dimensional barrier.

                      3. Make the surface of the solid particles form a bilayer structure. The polar end of the outer dispersant has a strong affinity with water, which increases the degree to which the solid particles are wetted by water. The solid particles are far away due to electrostatic repulsion.

                      4. Make the system uniform, increase the suspension performance, no precipitation, make the physical and chemical properties of the whole system the same

                      As mentioned above, the use of dispersant can stably disperse solid particles in liquid.

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