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                      Lignin sodium sulphonate B


                      Appearance: umber powder

                      Composition: modified condensation lignin sulfonate

                      Ionic: negative ion

                      Solubility: easy dissolving in water

                      2、The main technic standard


                      3、Performance and utility

                      It is mainly used as a dispersant for disperse dyes and vat dyes,and has affinity for protein fibers and cotton.The packing used for commercialization of disperse dyes can also be used in combination with other dispersants. It has the advantages of fast sanding speed,good dispersion at high temperature,good heat stability, small contamination,high dyeing strength, stable color and light, etc. it can also be used as dispersant in textile and papermaking,pesticide,construction,ceramics,oil drilling, water treatment, carbon black industry.

                      4、This product is non-toxic,non-flammable,non-explosive


                      25kg,50Okg、600kg woven bag , line with plastic bag.

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                      Widely used in papermaking, water-based, pigments, coatings, metals, carbon black, graphene, inks and other fields
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