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                      Coal Water Mixture Dispersant


                      Appearance: umber powder

                      Compsition: mixture

                      Solubility: easy dissolving in water

                      2、The main qulity indexes


                      3、Performance and utility

                      Coal water slurry is made of about 70 coal,about 30 water and a small amount of chemical additives. It is a new type of coal instead of oil fuel. It has low viscosity,high concentration, good dispersion,fluidity and stability. It can improve the slurry forming property and stability,and improve the combustion rate of coal slurry. Generally,0.3%- 1% of dry base coal is added.Slurry concentration is 50%to 66%.

                      4、This product is non-toxic,non-flammable,non-explosive


                      25kg ,500kg、60Okg woven bag , line with plastic bag.


                      Long period.

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                      Widely used in papermaking, water-based, pigments, coatings, metals, carbon black, graphene, inks and other fields
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