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                      Dispersant Agent NNO


                      Appearance: light-umber powder

                      Composition: naphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde condensate lon

                      Ionic: negative ion

                      Solubility: easy dissolving in water

                      2、The main qulity indexes


                      3、Performance and utility

                      This product is soluble in water,resistant to acid,alkali,salt and hard water,good diffusion performance. It is mainly used as dispersant in disperse dyes,reducing dyes,reactive dyes,acid dyes and leather dyes. It has good abradability,solubilization and dispersion. It can also be used as dispersant in textile printing and dyeing, wettable pesticides,dispersant in papermaking,electroplating additive,latex,rubber,building,water-soluble paint,pigment dispersant,oil drilling,water treatment agent, carbon black dispersant, etc.


                      25kg,50Okg、600kg woven bag,line with plastic bag.

                      Widely used in papermaking, water-based, pigments, coatings, metals, carbon black, graphene, inks and other fields
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